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Paragon Multi Period Planner

Planning efficient transportation with multiple delivery frequencies

Paragon's routing and scheduling optimization software enables transportation and logistics operations to create efficient daily or strategic schedules. However, if you have customers with a range of delivery frequencies – such as once, twice or three times a week – then you can also use Paragon's Multi Period Planner module to decide the best delivery patterns for each customer.

This ensures that multiple deliveries to the same customer are sufficiently spread out across the planning period of 1-6 weeks, while also combining deliveries geographically and balancing workload across the period. By allocating delivery profiles in this way, the software ensures your customer delivery requirements are met, while also minimizing transportation costs.

Paragon Multi Period Planner enables you to:

  • Balance your overall distribution workload by allocating multiple deliveries to days according to your customers' required delivery profiles 
  • Re-optimize fixed transportation routes in operations with multiple delivery frequencies 
  • Improve driver and truck utilization, cut overall mileage and reduce transportation costs as a result of more efficient planning.

Our Multi Period Planner software is particularly popular in retail distribution operations running private fleets, and third party logistics (3PL) companies designing transportation solutions.

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Paragon Multi Period Planner USA
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