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Deployment Options

Installation options for Paragon Software

A range of deployment options are available for Paragon's software to suit your business structure and planning requirements.

Dedicated PC

Dedicated PC installation of Paragon routing and scheduling software

For those wanting power at their fingertips, a dedicated PC is often the best option, where the full processing power of the PC is available to the Paragon software. 

We have two configurations where Paragon is installed on individual PCs:

  • Single PC
  • Multiple Networked PCs with optional concurrent user licence

For improved visibility of transportation plans across the business with no impact on processing power, you can add an extra Paragon Workbench Screen.

Thin Client Server Configurations

Paragon thin client server configurations Our thin client configuration enables Paragon to be installed on a central server which can then be accessed by multiple PCs on a network or in different locations via secure Internet connection.  This ensures common versions and software configurations for all users across the network, subject to the licensed number of concurrent users.
Supported thin client server configurations:
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (formerly Terminal Services)
  • Citrix server
Citrix clustered server configuration

Additionally, Citrix clustered server configurations can be used where a significant number of users need to be supported.  The central server can be replaced by a cluster of servers sharing responsibility for Paragon processing and managed by Citrix.

Clustered Citrix servers ensure you get the best performance from your Paragon system with intelligent load sharing and server failure detection. 

Where necessary, servers can be clustered in multiple locations in accordance with disaster recovery procedures to ensure minimal disruption to daily transportation planning.

Additional Paragon Workbenches

Add an extra Paragon Workbench to your planning system

Extra screens can be added to any Paragon planning or monitoring system making your optimized transportation plans accessible to depot transport staff and others within the organisation.

Additional workbenches can be used for real time transportation management and accurate resource allocation with:


Tesco benefits from additional Paragon workbenches and Citrix configuration"Being able to get the benefits of Paragon's routing and scheduling technology in a Citrix environment enables team members to access the software irrespective of where they are located. Working in this way gives us both improved software accessibility and centralized control throughout our operation." IT Project Manager - Tesco

Not sure what you need?

If you're not sure which option you require, please complete the Ask the Experts form below and one of our team will be in touch to advise on the best solution for your operation.

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Flexible installation options include:
  • Single PC
  • Multiple networked PCs
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Services
  • Citrix server
  • Citrix clustered servers

Please speak to our support team about your requirements before selecting your hardware.

Additional workbenches available for:
  • Improved visibility and accessibility
  • Real-time transportation management
  • Accurate resource allocation
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