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Daily Truck Routing & Scheduling

Operational Truck Route Planning and Optimization with Paragon Software

Operational truck route planning and optimization is suitable for transportation operations where order quantities vary on a daily or weekly basis. Calculating practical efficient truck routes and multi-stop schedules automatically every day can help you reduce overall miles, fleet costs and laborious daily planning effort, as well as providing a more reliable delivery service for your customers.

We offer a range of truck routing and scheduling software products to help you do this, for operations ranging from 20 vehicles at a single DC to hundreds of trucks spread across multiple DCs. Our software is extremely versatile and can be configured to handle almost all types of transportation operation. Combining this with the experience and dedication of our support and implementation team makes Paragon the dependable choice - as you can see by having a look at examples of our customers or reading what our customers say about us.

The software can be easily interfaced with your order processing, ERP or warehouse management systems. Each day your orders are downloaded to the Paragon software which calculates optimized multi-stop routes and schedules for your operation. It automatically takes account of all the transportation rules and customer restrictions that you will have set up - for example, vehicle capacities, customer delivery windows, rules governing drivers' hours, loading times and so on. You can then review the truck routes and schedules on the screen before uploading them to your warehouse system.

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