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Optimizing and Managing Fixed Truck Routes

Optimizing Fixed Truck Routes and Delivery Schedules

If you manage a transportation operation with regular order dates and quantities, our routing and scheduling optimization software can help you create, and maintain, efficient master delivery schedules.

This means that the regular delivery routes you operate will be at peak efficiency. Transportation costs are kept to a minimum, and customer delivery schedules are consistent and reliable.

Our range of routing and scheduling software solutions can help you do this. Based on typical order quantities for your customers on each day of the week, the software calculates optimized routes and schedules to minimize your transportation costs, while meeting required customer delivery windows, truck capacities, drivers' hours and other transportation restrictions.

Crucially, once you have created your base master schedules, they are easy to update as your customer list grows, or to plan for seasonal peaks and troughs. You simply add in your new customers and update average ordering levels, and then re-optimize the plan.

Managing master delivery schedules each day

Once you have created your fixed routes and schedules, it is important to manage them on a daily basis. Otherwise the actual orders and quantities that arise each day can cause routes to become impractical or costly. For example, if order volumes are higher than usual, you may inadvertently miss customer delivery windows, overload trucks, or exceed legal drivers' hours. Similarly, if some regular customers don't place orders, routes can become inefficient so that you incur unnecessary transportation costs.

Our daily route management software (Paragon RMS) enables you to keep control of your route schedules on a daily basis, regardless of which customers actually place orders, or how much they order.

Each day, details of the actual orders placed are downloaded from your order management or ERP system into the Paragon RMS software. It slots each order into its correct position in the fixed routes, and then re-calculates all the route timings, truck utilizations, mileages, drivers' time, and costs. It updates your daily key performance indicators such as average cost per delivery, highlights any under-utilized routes that need to be improved, and warns you of any overloaded vehicles, over-worked drivers, or late customer deliveries.

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