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Paragon software solutions help you to

  • Save money
  • Cut fuel & CO2 emissions
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce planning time
  • Be more efficient
  • Link with tracking
  • Review KPIs
  • Offer 1hr delivery windows
  • Win new business

Save money

Streamline your operation and save money

We can help you remove unnecessary mileage and maximise the miles that your vehicles do every day; fulfilling customer deliveries in the most cost-effective and transport-efficient way.

Manage your resources effectively

Have you got trucks sitting idle or do you rely on costly spot hires from time to time?  Using our multi drop route optimisation software we can help you use your existing fleet more efficiently.

Find out how to save money


Cut fuel use & CO2 emissions

Optimise your routes & schedules

Group deliveries by area into dense clusters and sequence your deliveries in the optimal order to help reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Use fewer vehicles – do more work

Our software has been proven to reduce vehicle fleet size, saving millions of tonnes of CO2 for hundreds of companies all around the world.

Find out how you can reduce fuel and CO2 emissions with Paragon


Improve customer service

Always plan realistic routes & feasible schedules

We are committed to helping you produce realistic route plans that are achievable.  Many of our clients report increased first time delivery success and improved customer service as a result.

Accommodate customer time window preferences

Our software is configurable, which means you can plan and manage a wide range of customer time window choices.  Whether you are offering one-hour slots, AM/PM openings or all day windows, our software will ensure that the route produced meets the restrictions specified for that particular customer.

Strengthen your customer service offering with Paragon


Reduce planning time

Plan all your deliveries in seconds

Manually planning any transport operation is time consuming. Our software helps to make this process much easier for you with optimised route plans produced in a matter of minutes. Your planning teams can then concentrate on refining the plan with any minor amendments required before the vehicles head out of the depot.

Take more orders before planning cut off

If planning takes less time, your order cut off can be pushed back to later in the day or routes can be released to the warehouse earlier, giving your teams more time for picking and loading prior to despatch.

Find out how you can cut planning time with Paragon


Be more efficient

Model ‘What if’ scenarios to see the effects of operational changes

Use your own historic data to analyse the benefit of increasing or decreasing fleets size, implementing double shifting, backhauling or even the impact of moving or setting up a new depot.

Maximise vehicle utilisation for reduced carrier costs

Ensure your drivers are allocated as many deliveries as possible before subcontracting to expensive couriers or agency drivers and vehicles.

Do more with less using Paragon


Link with tracking

Improve planning using real-world data

Use real world data to refine your planning parameters and create more realistic route plans. This is better for both your transport management teams and drivers.  

Monitor plan v actual performance in real time

Know where your vehicles are at all times.  If your driver is running late due to unforeseen circumstances you have the opportunity to notify your customer in advance of the expected ETA for their delivery.

Find out more about connecting your GPS tracking to Paragon


Review KPIs

Report on what matters to you

Do you want to know how many deliveries were late vs. on time last week? Or how much excess mileage was incurred yesterday? With Paragon you can build reports based on your business objectives and KPIs.

Share KPI report information

We offer a range of tools that help you share your KPI report information with others within your business.  We offer ‘arrivals board’ technology for back of store notifications; HTML reporting for real time information sharing with colleagues, and customisable KPI dashboard designs for your transport management teams.

Measure your success with Paragon


Offer 1hr delivery windows

Transport efficient delivery time windows at point of order

Using our software you can offer customers one hour delivery windows at point of order, whether they are ordering online, in-store or via a customer services operator.  It’s advanced software that is set to revolutionise the home delivery market.

Put your customer first for superior customer service

Good customer service needs to be at the heart of any home delivery or home service operation.
With us you can guarantee a good result and a happy customer.

Find out how you to offer cost-effective time windows with Paragon


Win new business

Model distribution plans for accurate quotation

Analyse multiple scenarios to find the best-fit distribution solution for your prospective client while identifying all the costs associated with setup and running a fleet of vehicles for the chosen solution.

Provide your prospects with example routes and schedules

Don’t shy away when challenged on the suitability of your solution… Use their data, modelled in Paragon, to show your prospect the routes and schedules that prove you can deliver superior customer service at a lower cost.

Win contracts and stay competitive using Paragon


Paragon offers you the best features

  • Multi drop routing
  • Advanced optimisation
  • Easy to use interface
  • International maps
  • Easy, flexible deployment
  • Configurable KPI reporting

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World class implementation & support

  • Experienced support consultants who understand your industry.
  • Skilled office-based ‘hotline’ support team; here when you need us.
  • Flexible training options at a location of your choice – wherever you are in the world.

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