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The four key factors when choosing a proof of delivery solution

Researching, selecting and implementing a proof of delivery solution to support your mobile workforce can be daunting if you’re unfamiliar with the options available. We’ve put together some information on the 4 most important factors you need to consider:

Software – the solution

The highest priority in the software selection process is ensuring that the solution you choose meets your business requirements – typically these will include: reducing time spent on inbound and outbound calls; enhancing service levels for your end customer; improving visibility of your mobile workforce; increasing data security; removing man hours spent on paperwork and administration. Once your criteria have been identified, selecting a solution that is flexible enough to meet your needs will be easier.

Don’t be bamboozled by technical features, but rather focus on the features that are key to improving your business and provide useable tools for your workforce. If photo capture, notes capture, worker tracking, customer contact or customisable forms are needed to satisfy your requirements, ensure the selected system supports these easily.

Middleware – integration

Integration is often overlooked, but is vital to any proof of delivery solution implementation. You must ensure that your preferred software choice will integrate with your current systems in order to improve processes, rather than creating more administrative work and complicating reporting procedures. Things to consider when appraising the integration process include availability of in-house IT resource or the cost of third party support, costs associated with purchasing integration mechanisms and whether the selected solution provides a dedicated middleware application.

Hardware – devices

In recent years, the diversity of proof of delivery devices available has expanded significantly with most systems now compatible with a range of hardware, including consumer grade smartphones, tablets, SatNav devices and mobile scanners. As a result a range of considerations are now needed to pick the right device for your operation – considerations such as the need for barcode scanning, price point of devices, accessibility of maintenance and replacements, the durability of devices and the operating system that these devices run on. The growth of Android as an operating system in the professional space has led to user-friendly, familiar applications which support mobile worker’s tasks, decreasing the upheaval and training needed for mobile workers.

Aftercare – training and support

A large range of factors including hosting, maintenance, training, support and future developments, are important when evaluating the aftercare that a software provider will deliver. The provision of sufficient training resources ensures rapid implementation of the new system and minimises upheaval for your staff. The type of training resources available will vary between industries for example, where a Bring Your Own Device scheme is in effect, simple video tutorials or user guides may be best suited, while on-site training may be more appropriate for larger organisations.

Choosing a solution that incorporates a comprehensive hosting plan in addition to a full support package will minimise additional concerns. Availability of technical troubleshooting, out of hours support and online resources should all be taken into consideration when deciding if a software providers support capabilities are comprehensive enough for your requirements.

And finally, ensuring the chosen solution will continue to grow and drive operational benefits in your business is a key consideration. A development plan for new functionality, a schedule of regular maintenance updates and a clear desire to remain at the forefront of the industry are key aspects to look for in any proof of delivery software provider.

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