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5 electronic proof of delivery system features to improve efficiency for your office-based staff

The fleXipod central management console is a browser-based admin portal, which allows your office-based staff to input, monitor, analyse and extract data regarding your mobile workforce operation. Using the console, you are able to configure process flows and data capture requirements for drivers to follow in the field while a range of features allow supervisors to monitor and manage activity throughout the day.

Here are 5 features of the fleXipod electronic proof of delivery system that will ease workloads and improve efficiency for your office-based staff.

1. Overview screens

The central management console includes a number of colour coded overview screens providing easy to understand, visual representations of daily progress, including job status updates and driver location. You, or members of your operational team, can display and query the data according to your preferences, monitoring the real-time data stream and proactively managing mobile teams.

2. Business specific forms

With fleXipod forms functionality you can combine a variety of data capture options to create business specific electronic questionnaires to be completed by the drivers out on the road. These forms can be triggered at various points during the day such as on the customer site, at the beginning of a job or for specific job outcomes to ensure your operational team receive the required information when they need it, without ringing drivers directly.

3. Exception alerting

fleXipod alerts immediately notify management console users to exceptions in the field that you have specified as high priority. Your office-based staff do not need to manually review the incoming data stream for irregularities. Upon receiving an alert, they can drill down into the job details, including photos and forms, to answer customer queries or rectify operational issues quickly.

4. User Messaging

Your office-based staff can send messages to all users, selected groups or individuals from the central management console with no SMS costs. Messages can also be attached to specific jobs to alert drivers directly of any changes in customer or order details. Receipt of messages is recorded so office teams can confirm when each individual driver has read the message.

5. Reporting Dashboard

The reporting dashboard within the fleXipod central portal allows supervisors to review data for trend analysis, performance management and continuous improvement. The dashboard collates all job status and window adherence data in one easy to use interface and allows users to view the data by time period or depot/ skill group.

When considering the value of an electronic proof of delivery system, it is often easy to see the potential benefits your organisation could gain, but not always obvious what improvements your staff and customers will see on a day-to-day basis.

Get in touch to find out more about how the fleXipod electronic proof of delivery app can improve efficiency and simplify processes for your office-based staff.

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