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5 ways proof of delivery software will help customers love your service offering

Customer expectations of the delivery experience are higher than ever. Profitably providing a no-hassle, professional service with clear communication throughout the process can be challenging. With the fleXipod system, customer service improvements are easily implemented alongside operational efficiency enhancements, cost savings and productivity increases.

Here are 5 improvements provided by electronic proof of delivery software that will make your customers love your service.

1. Professional on-site process

Replacing paperwork with a proof of delivery app ensures your customers receive a professional and consistent on-site experience leaving them with a better lasting impression and confidence in your brand. Electronic data capture can also make processes quicker, particularly important for customers who have taken time away from work or have paid a premium for specific delivery slots.

2. Pre-delivery communication

fleXipod can be configured to send out automated SMS messages at defined times, such as 8am on the morning of delivery. These messages can include the expected delivery window. Keeping your customers informed means they are better able to plan their time and removes the need for calls into the office to get delivery updates. You can further enhance communications by utilising the fleXipod track my driver functionality, to provide real-time delivery tracking information to customers.

3. Post-delivery report

Following a successful delivery, fleXipod can automatically email a proof of delivery report to your customer, including details of items delivered or services rendered and featuring the customer signature. Providing immediate proof of delivery directly to your customers can improve their trust in your brand and help reduce the number of delivery disputes.

4. Quick problem resolution

The real-time data stream available with proof of delivery software allows customer service staff to proactively respond to issues in the field and take steps to resolve these with the customer as soon as possible. This can even sometimes see problems resolved while the driver is still on-site, for example by offering the customer a discount to keep a slightly damaged product.

5. Shorter call wait times

Keeping your customers informed with estimated delivery windows and delivery reports can reduce calls into your service team from customers looking for delivery updates. This means that those customers with other queries or more complex issues experience shorter wait times and customer service staff are able to spend longer ensuring they are satisfied.

In this blog series, we are highlighting some of the day-to-day benefits available for your drivers, office-based staff and customers when implementing electronic proof of delivery software.

Get in touch to discuss how implementing the fleXipod system could help enhance your customer service offering.

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