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Can I use the fleXipod proof of delivery solution with my large or complex fleet?

With a wide range of features, configurable data capture options and various integration methods available, the fleXipod proof of delivery solution is easily tailored to any mobile workforce. Whether you are responsible for a single depot, or a more complex operation with multiple depots and hundreds of drivers, the fleXipod solution can help you manage your mobile workers more efficiently.

The benefits of using a proof of delivery solution, such as increased workforce productivity and reduced manual data entry, become even more important to large fleets and can lead to huge savings. We have designed the fleXipod solution to be as flexible as possible and taken care to ensure that fleXipod scales for even the largest of fleets.

Here are a few of the most common large fleet challenges that fleXipod can help you address:


The fleXipod app is easy to use even with little or no training. The familiar smartphone application formatting and step-by-step processes mean that subcontractors can quickly get to grips with the software and easily follow the same operational procedures as permanent staff. The app can be downloaded onto any Android device making BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) schemes easy to implement and buying spare devices for temporary staff more affordable.

Multiple depots

By setting up user groups within fleXipod, managers with multiple depots or outbases can enforce standardised processes across their entire operation. Data consolidated and viewed as one data set or on an individual depot basis. This functionality can also help staff based at each location manage their fleets with the ability to send messages to all drivers in a few single steps from the central management console.

Multiple skill groups or customer contracts

fleXipod can also support operations with driver groups that need to follow different field procedures. For example, an operation could present its delivery teams with customer survey forms following a completed job, while the installation drivers may need to complete a risk assessment form before starting a job. This functionality is also ideal for third party logistics providers, enabling them to manage multi-client requirements. The fleXipod electronic proof of delivery app will present the mobile worker with the correct delivery process depending on which client the selected job is allocated to.

Service fleets

The fleXipod proof of delivery solution can be implemented in any mobile workforce industry, from mobile nursing to electrical maintenance. A range of flexible features such as customisable process flows, bespoke forms and configurable terminology, mean you can be confident that the solution can be tailored to support the needs of your business. The Android based app also means you can choose from a wide range of devices to suit your operation, whether you need a larger screen or rugged device to suit your on-site environment.

Implementation of the fleXipod system follows the same simple process no matter how large your fleet is. Following project sign off, all you need to do is tell us about your business requirements, fill out our configuration questionnaire and select your preferred integration method, and then we will do the rest! Our team will configure your environment and conduct any training that you need.

To find out how easily your large fleet could be up and running with the fleXipod proof of delivery solution get in touch with Paragon today or download the fleXipod datasheet for more information.

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