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A closer look at how the fleXipod central management console can help streamline daily tasks

The fleXipod central management console is a browser-based portal that enables your office-based staff to manage mobile processes and the customer delivery experience. The console allows your staff to create workflows for your mobile workers to follow in the field. All of the data collected using the fleXipod application is then available in the console in real-time for office-based operational staff to manage daily activity, review progress updates and respond to issues quickly using accurate and up-to-date information. Take a closer look at some of the functionality available in the fleXipod central management console below.

Create field processes and forms

Customisable workflows

The on-site workflows that your mobile workers are required to follow are configurable to suit your business specific needs. As you can see in the screenshot below, your office-based staff are able to set up as many bespoke delivery outcomes as necessary to suit your operation, from ‘customer out’ to ‘install failed – parts missing’, the options can be chosen to suit your business. Once set up your staff can choose what actions their mobile colleagues will be required to take in each scenario ensuring process consistency across your operation. These actions can include collecting a signature, taking a photograph, capturing additional notes or completing a bespoke form configured for your business specific scenarios.

Bespoke forms

To supplement basic workflows, your office-based staff are able to configure bespoke forms to collect any specific data your operation requires such as vehicle checklists, customer surveys or installation reports. Your staff have a range of question types to choose from to create each bespoke form, such as checkboxes, free text and numeric data capture. The examples below show two questions being added to a fleXipod form in the central management console: an installation checklist and a text box question to capture on-site customer feedback. Find out more about the fleXipod forms functionality

View daily progress updates and alerts

Real-time data

With data transmitted from the fleXipod application in real-time, your office-based staff are able to proactively manage mobile workers and respond to customer service problems quickly. Staff can access progress updates in varying levels of detail to suit their needs. For example, the screenshot below displays colour-coded progress on all of the routes for a chosen day. Using this screen, office-based staff can identify any issues – such as the two failed jobs displayed in red. They could then access in depth details for those specific jobs, including any images and forms, before contacting the customers to resolve the problem.


For high priority issues, your office-based staff can set up alerts in the central management console to ensure these problems can be immediately addressed without needing to review all of the incoming data. Common alerts include notification of vehicle breakdowns, issues on vehicle checklists and damaged or missing items, allowing staff to proactively resolve problems before customer service if affected. For example, in the vehicle breakdown example below, staff could immediately review location data within the console to find a nearby mobile colleague to complete the aborted route to avoid failed deliveries.

Review reporting data

As well as real-time data streams, the fleXipod central management console also allows office-based staff to review a reporting dashboard for trend analysis and continuous improvement. The dashboard combines success rates, time window adherence and failure reasons with the ability to filter by a variety of timeframes. This enables your office-based staff to monitor ongoing performance and identify areas for improvement. For example, staff can compare the performance of depots or teams in order to set appropriate targets or identify seasonal trends in order to better plan peak periods.

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