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5 ways an electronic proof of delivery app makes daily tasks easier for drivers

The combination of the user-friendly fleXipod mobile application and business specific form functionality streamlines field processes, from the moment your mobile worker leaves the depot through the on-site customer encounter until the end of their shift. There are various fleXipod features designed to help your mobile workers action all of the jobs they are required to complete.

Here are 5 ways an electronic proof of delivery app can make daily tasks easier for your drivers.

1. Simple processes

The fleXipod app guides drivers through each step of their process, prompting them with a series of user-friendly screens with familiar mobile app formatting features. The application is easy to pick up and simple to use, making daily tasks easier for your mobile workers and removing the frustrations of delivery paperwork.

2. Automated guidance

When a delivery has a non-standard outcome (such as ‘item damaged’, ‘site inaccessible’ etc.) your mobile workers do not need to ring into the office in order to receive instructions. Instead, they are guided through predefined workflows, removing the need to remember infrequently used procedures and helping them to remain professional in front of your customers at all times.

3. Multiple data capture options

Drivers are able to electronically capture all of the necessary information they need whether it’s notes, signatures or decimal values, making the on-site encounter both quicker and easier for them. For example, with a proof of delivery app it is possible to take photos of product damage instead of trying to write out a lengthy description on a paper delivery note.

4. Variety of device choices

The fleXipod mobile application is designed for the Android operating system making it compatible with a variety of mobile device options. This means you can provide your drivers with familiar, simple to use smartphones or enterprise level devices with tools to make their daily tasks easier, such as in-built scanners or SatNav functionality.

5. On-the-day flexibility

If your operation requires it, you can allow drivers to skip jobs to respond to on-the-day circumstances. Drivers may skip a job, capturing all of the relevant details, such as a photograph of the front door when a customer is not on-site, and if appropriate, return later in the day to complete the delivery reducing lost time in their delivery schedule.

When considering the value of an electronic proof of delivery system, it is often easy to see the potential benefits your organisation could gain, but not always obvious what improvements your staff and customers will see on a day-to-day basis.

To find out more about how the fleXipod electronic proof of delivery app can simplify daily tasks for your drivers contact our team today.

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