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Tackling your boss’ 4 biggest concerns about implementing a proof of delivery system

Are you struggling to convince your boss of the benefits a proof of delivery system could bring to your organisation?

We’ve put together a guide on how to tackle the 4 most common concerns we hear to satisfy any questions from senior management, reduce project sign off delays and ensure implementation is as smooth as possible.

1. Staff will resist a new system

Staff adoption of any system can be challenging with new procedures often perceived as creating extra work. Resistance to a new system can be avoided by educating staff about the potential benefits for them, as well as the company.

For example, for office-based teams, implementing an electronic proof of delivery system reduces tedious manual data entry, removes the frustration of lost paperwork and increases visibility for immediate answers to customer queries.

In addition, choosing a solution that includes training, whether that be on-site, ‘train the trainer’, video tutorials or online resources will encourage quick staff adoption and ensure that you can begin to realise benefits sooner.

2. Return on Investment from new projects is slow

ROI is one of the most common concerns we come across when it comes to project sign off. There are many benefits to implementing a proof of delivery system that can quickly bring measurable return on investment including:

  • Implementing an electronic system can entirely remove paperwork within your delivery operation, eliminating the cost of paper delivery notes and reducing the number of costly customer disputes.
  • Electronic capture of proof of delivery data can improve the productivity of your mobile workforce leading to more mobile activities completed per day.
  • Using advanced proof of delivery functionality such as pre-delivery SMS notifications, automated POD report emails and customer satisfaction surveys, can improve customer visibility and free up administrative resource in your office-based teams. Improving customer service can lead to a reduction in inbound call volumes and encourage customer loyalty.

3. Integration of new systems is complicated and time consuming

Common integration worries include availability of in-house resource, cost implications of external involvement and compatibility with existing systems.

The key to making the integration of a proof of delivery system simple and quick is ensuring the chosen software provider has an integration method to easily connect the new software with your current business systems to avoid unexpected costs or delays.

It can often be a helpful step to set up an introductory call between your IT resource, whether this is in-house or third party, and a member of the technical support team at your chosen provider. They may be able to offer support or resources such as, requirement documentation, customer examples or user guides to smooth the integration process.

4. Everybody is too busy!

With growing pressure on margins and a resource shortage in the logistics industry, there are few companies that are not under resourced.

Implementing a proof of delivery system should be quick and simple with most of the work completed by your chosen software provider.

For most organisations there are only two main considerations: sourcing devices and completing integration work. As discussed above, by considering all details in advance and choosing a suitable system, integration work can be completed with ease. Moreover, by choosing a solution that works with a range of devices, you may be able to utilise devices that you already provide for your workers or quickly source a set of devices for your fleet with little trouble.

It is also important to remember that the implementation of an electronic proof of delivery system can help streamline your business processes to reduce current workloads and improve workforce productivity. Advanced systems include functionality that can automate processes, remove manual data entry and accelerate information sharing between mobile and office-based staff.

Every operation will have different concerns regarding the implementation of an electronic proof of delivery system. If you need help addressing fears within your company get in touch with one of our experienced team. Alternatively, you can download the fleXipod datasheet.

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