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Using subcontractors in your operation? Here are 5 ways the fleXipod ePOD system can help

Whether your operation employs temporary workers to boost resource during peak times or regularly uses a third party provider, you will know how challenging it can be to achieve consistent process compliance and widespread adoption of new technologies when using subcontractors. We have collated 5 features of the fleXipod ePOD software that ensure all members of your mobile workforce – whether permanent or contract staff – can quickly get used to using electronic proof of delivery software, ensuring that your organisation benefits quickly too.

1. Range of device compatibility

The fleXipod mobile application can be easily downloaded onto any Android device. The familiar smartphone format encourages rapid driver adoption among all drivers, and the range of compatible devices makes it suitable for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) schemes. With such a broad range of cost-effective devices available, purchasing devices for subcontractors to use during seasonal peaks is not cost prohibitive and can help you scale your operation quickly.

2. Easy to follow processes for drivers

With a user-friendly design and step-by-step format the fleXipod mobile application simplifies daily tasks. Mobile workers are prompted to capture the required data and informed what actions to take in varying circumstances. This means that your mobile teams, including any subcontractors, need little or no training and do not need to remember lengthy procedures or ring into the office to receive instructions. You can be confident that your expected procedures are being followed no matter who is fulfilling the delivery.

3. Visibility across all drivers

The fleXipod ePOD system transmits field data to the central management console in real-time. With subcontractors easily able to follow the same procedures as your own employees, your office-based teams will receive consistent, up to date information that enables them to get a clear view of what is happening out on the road throughout the day. For example, job status visibility enables timely customer updates or immediate issue resolution, while device location information and operational forms mean office-based staff can effortlessly manage all mobile teams in one system.

4. Improve communication between office and mobile teams

Communicating with mobile teams is simplified with the fleXipod software. For example, retailers using multiple subcontractors to fulfil their orders can set up different user groups for each provider, or set of mobile workers. Messages can then be sent from the central management console to these groups, to individuals, or to all users without incurring any SMS costs.

5. User maintenance and monitoring

With the fleXipod ePOD software user management is in the hands of the relevant office-based staff meaning they can easily add and remove mobile users to support your requirements. The mobile application can be updated remotely from the central management console so that you can be sure subcontractors are using the most up to date features. Central staff are also able to monitor device user information such as battery status, device location, last connection time and signal strength.

Increased real-time visibility with an ePOD system means your office-based staff are better able to manage the daily activity of all field teams. Likewise, the step-by-step guidance provided by an ePOD application gives you confidence that all mobile workers are following your desired procedures.

To find out how the fleXipod ePOD system could support the use of subcontractors in your operation send us a message or give us a call on +44 (0)1306 732600.

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