Same day courier and logistics company, CitySprint, is making significant efficiencies in operational costs and savings for their clients since implementing Paragon’s routing and scheduling software.

CitySprint uses Paragon for strategic planning of delivery services throughout the UK covering more than 2,500 daily routes, which amounts to over 5 million time critical consignments annually. CitySprint’s couriers use a wide range of vehicles, including vans, motorbikes and bicycles. The type of vehicle used depends on where customers are located and the type of delivery.

“Paragon helps us to make significant operational savings by improving our efficiency. For example, we have increased daily deliveries from 800 to 1,200 for one particular customer, and we realised a 14% reduction in costs. These savings through efficiency improvements provide a good return on investment for the software, which justifies why we use it for providing the best service for our customers,” says Emma Blackmore, National Support Manager at CitySprint.

“Paragon saves a lot of time and labour. It enables us to get the strategic planning in a much more efficient way. Without Paragon’s routing software, it would take significantly more time. It has completely revolutionised how we work by allowing us to respond quickly and accurately to customer quotations and, combined with our in-house logistics expertise, design logistics solutions for some very key clients,” adds Emma Blackmore.

CitySprint first installed Paragon Multi Depot with Street Level Mapping and average road speed data to help provide service improvements to businesses that would be affected by the 2012 Olympics. Since then it has been used for strategic planning across all its business areas, including healthcare logistics. The software is installed at CitySprint’s data centre in Farnborough and is used by a team of four specialists for designing delivery solutions for customers.

“By using Paragon, CitySprint can model and provide optimised routes for our couriers and our clients. This allows us to manage our fleet more effectively, as we can factor in any special requirements, and identify efficiencies” adds Emma Blackmore.

CitySprint cuts costs by implementing Paragon's routing and scheduling software