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Paragon’s Routing Software Helps George’s Deliver Fleet and Fuel Savings

George’s Inc processes over 5 million chickens a week. It needed routing software to increase the efficiency of its delivery operation and minimize spoilage but it was essential that the routing software integrated with its in-house order entry and shipping systems. They spent two years looking for the right match.

As a result of implementing Paragon’s routing software, George’s is able to develop transport plans in minutes not hours and the burden of spending hours planning delivery routes and then adjusting them when a late order arrives has been eliminated.

George’s uses Paragon’s routing software to factor in parameters such as Hours of Service restrictions, truck weight, distance and dock time to create optimized daily schedules.

Paragon's routing and scheduling software enables George's Inc to save fuel costs
Quick facts:
  • Premier farm-to-table supplier of fresh and frozen chicken products
  • Distributing to quick service restaurants, retail and food service customers
  • Time spent in transit is limited by law so inefficient routes were resulting in high levels of product spoilage
Benefits reported:
  • $31k saving in annual fuel costs
  • 5% reduction in road miles
  • 10% reduction in fleet size while maintaining the same high levels of customer service
  • 6 hours of data entry and administration time saved every week

Paragon Software Systems is an IFDA Allied Member

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