Configure software for food and beverage distribution needs

Food distributors across the U.S. and Canada trust the Paragon routing software solution to help them control fleet operating costs, while meeting increasingly complex food and beverage delivery demands. Among those demands:

  • Smaller, more frequent orders
  • Increasingly wider choice of products
  • Customer demand for daily replenishment of fresh, not frozen, selections

Food distributors use Paragon’s routing and scheduling software to operationally plan the movement of everything from eggs to chickens to beer and bread. In many cases, Paragon configures the software to address customers’ unique food distribution needs – enhancements that others in the industry can utilize.

Are you a food distributor in need of a routing software solution? Check out these other food industry businesses that are using Paragon to improve service and cut distribution costs 10–30 percent.

Pizza with olives and peppers - route planning software for the food and drink industry