More accurate route optimization for dense urban deliveries

Planning urban-area deliveries requires precision. When you combine Paragon Street Level Mapping with our routing and scheduling software you increase delivery speed and accuracy.

Entry level maps, which exclude all residential streets and minor roads, are fine for most routing requirements. But urban deliveries require more detailed street-level maps so schedules can be planned to the nearest second and yard. Paragon Street Level Mapping helps you to deliver this level of precision and accuracy.

Highly accurate locations

Use address-range geocoding to pinpoint exact delivery locations.

Highly accurate route plans

More precise map detail yields better routes and more predictable ETAs.

Efficient routes

Street Level Mapping gives you the precise details needed to minimize time and miles.

Problems solved

  • Enhance delivery performance
  • Improve use of driver and vehicle resources
  • Reduce planning time
  • Increase the accuracy of delivery routes and schedules
  • Ensure accuracy of new business proposals
  • Improve customer location accuracy with address-range geocoding
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