Match road restrictions to specific trucks

Incidents like bridge strikes can cost fleet operators plenty. Expensive trucks are damaged, deliveries are delayed and potentially significant financial penalties follow. Likewise, extra miles created by unnecessary detours can add to the fuel bill and lead to late arrivals. Paragon’s route planning software can include a Truck Attribute Data module (with height, weight, width and length data) that allows you to plan truck-specific, fully compliant routes. This module can be used with the standard Paragon map or street level map.

Create achievable plans

Factor in truck size and weight to automatically avoid weight-restricted roads and other factors that can slow you down.

Reduce miles

Why detour around weight- or height-restricted roads if you don’t have to?

Maximize fleet utilization

Align truck attributes with delivery requirements to make the smartest use of vehicles.

Problems solved

  • Reduce costly detours
  • Ensure all routes are feasible
  • Improve schedule planning accuracy
  • Enhance mixed fleet scheduling
  • Maximize utilization of your fleet and your drivers
  • Ensure deliveries arrive on time
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