George’s Inc., a premier farm-to-table supplier of fresh and frozen chicken products to KFC and Popeyes, is saving $31,000 a year on fuel costs. These savings result from a 5% reduction in road miles made possible by using a map-based transportation optimization system from Paragon Software Systems, Inc. From day one of implementing the innovative logistics software George’s was also able to reduce its fleet size by 10% and still maintain its high quality of service.

Time savings of 6 hours a week were also an immediate benefit – time that is now spent on investigating backhauling and other business opportunities, instead of on data entry and dispatch administration.

“Paragon’s transportation optimization software has delivered a major boost to our operation. Our efficiencies and savings demonstrate that our investment in the system has more than paid for itself. Furthermore, the money and time we save using the system far outweighs the cost of the license fee,” says Jeff Overstreet, Logistics Director, George’s.

The routing and scheduling innovation integrates seamlessly with George’s order entry and shipping systems. This brings operational transparency, allowing greater flexibility and improved customer service. The uniquely accurate, time saving system improves dispatch operations as well as enabling continuous process improvement.

“Implementing Paragon software was, without doubt, the best solution for our business. The system allows me to quickly develop routes and completely eliminates the burden of manual planning and scheduling. I no longer worry about 25 new routes arriving on my desk to work out – the system automates the process and it is very accurate and ensures that mileage does not creep up as we get busier. This is evidenced by the fact that we are adding more deliveries without adding more miles,” says Overstreet.

George’s Inc is using the system for its Virginia-based operation that serves over 250 fast food restaurants in northeast USA, delivering chicken products direct to store three times a week. Not only does the technology provide a winning formula for George’s, Overstreet also highlights the importance of Paragon’s support.

“I looked at several other packages all offering the ability to rapidly develop routes. However, it was Paragon’s approach of promising that the software would work with our existing systems and then delivering on those promises that makes this an outstanding solution. Paragon puts customers first and this is very important to our organization,” he concludes.