Cited for reducing carbon emissions and fuel usage

Paragon has been named a Top Green Provider by Food Logistics magazine. This annual list profiles companies who exceed industry standards in their sector and focus on sustainability in the global food supply chain. Paragon was selected for providing routing and scheduling optimization solutions that lower mileage and gas usage, which reduces carbon emissions.

“Our routing and scheduling optimization solutions improve transport operations by optimizing routes for less driving and improving truck utilization for less empty running of trucks. By sequencing deliveries in the most efficient way, our route optimization software provides clients with truck routes that minimize mileage, but still meet transportation requirements, such as agreed upon time windows or vehicle restrictions,” said William Salter, CEO, Paragon Software Systems. “We are pleased to once again win this prestigious award and help our clients improve efficiencies and foster sustainability.”

“The 2016 Top Green Providers list is our largest ever, signaling the growing importance of sustainability throughout the global food and beverage supply chain,” notes Lara L. Sowinski, editor-in-chief for Food Logistics. “Applying sustainable practices in the agriculture, transportation, warehousing and retailing sectors is critical in addressing the environmental and business demands of the 21st century, particularly for our industry.”

“Paragon was named in the 2016 Top Green Providers list in recognition of its ability to substantially reduce food distribution miles and CO2 emissions for one of its supermarket customers,” continues William Salter. “By reviewing the allocation of stores to DCs, balancing warehouse capacities and daily throughput limits, then optimizing the detailed transportation schedules, Paragon and its customer have worked together to reduce the overall food miles and associated carbon emissions.”

This year’s Top Green Providers list includes grocers, 3PLs, cold storage providers, pallet and packaging manufacturers, software and technology companies and others whose products and services are elevating sustainability to a ‘competitive advantage’ in our industry. Companies on this year’s Top Green Providers list will be profiled in the June 2016 print issue of Food Logistics, as well as online at

Paragon Software Systems' routing and scheduling software wins Green Supply Chain award 2016