Local transport teams can plan more easily to achieve efficiencies

Paragon launches a Japanese language option of its leading routing and scheduling software in response to the growing demand from domestic and international transport fleets. This latest version will further expand the company’s capabilities in South East Asia by helping Japanese transport teams plan more easily to achieve greater levels of optimization and efficiency.

“The Japanese language option will make it easier for local transport planning teams to plan quickly and easily in their preferred language. We are removing any barriers these planners face, so they can quickly do what they are good at doing, simply and effectively,” said William Salter, CEO of Paragon Software Systems. “This latest development will support a number of domestic retail and logistics customers, as well as global clients that are looking to expand their use of Paragon globally.”

Paragon’s software is fully Unicode compliant so it can be translated into any language, irrespective of special character requirements. Its routing and scheduling software is now available in ten languages, supporting over 1,100 transport businesses operating in 61 countries worldwide. For centrally deployed software environments, multiple users can access the single system simultaneously using their individual language preferences.

Earlier this year, Paragon launched the latest version of its routing and scheduling software. Version 6.0 has more than 60 enhancements including significant improvements to the Planning and Paragon Live modules, so customers worldwide can achieve optimized transport plans that reduce fleet costs, improve customer service levels and boost operational performance.

Paragon's routing and scheduling software launches Japanese language interface for greater levels of optimisation and efficiency