Optimise your transport plan with real-time vehicle tracking

Cost-efficient transport plans can be impossible to enforce once the driver leaves the depot. Without real-time vehicle tracking, it is difficult to know whether your drivers are following the planned route, or if unforeseen circumstances such as heavy traffic are causing your plan to unravel.

Paragon routing and scheduling software integrates with more than 30 different vehicle tracking systems. By combining Route Execution with your Paragon routing and scheduling software, you can easily compare the progress of your drivers against plan and proactively alert your customers, or customer service teams of any potential delays. You can also use historical data to help identify future transport plan improvements.

Route Execution is just one of our Paragon Live modules. These modules help you track the progress of your drivers in real time, help your drivers stick to your plan and share that data in real time across your organisation.  Paragon Live includes Route Execution, Live Management Reporting and Waypoint Mapping. 

Integrate your vehicle tracking system with Paragon software

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