Compare planned versus actual performance in real time.

Once your vehicles are on their way you can use our Route Execution software module to manage your transport plan effectively in real time. Together with Paragon’s advanced routing and scheduling optimisation capabilities, Route Execution lets you see where your vehicles are on the road and how the day’s plan is progressing at any given time. Route Execution can interface with a wide range of vehicle tracking systems, allowing you the freedom to choose your preferred vendor.

By integrating with your vehicle tracking system, Route Execution can alert you to any vehicles that are running late or early so that you can make timely alternative arrangements, such as diverting another nearby vehicle to make a scheduled collection or contacting the customer to inform them of late running. You can update delivery schedules continually as the day progresses and Route Execution will provide customers with updated ETAs. When your drivers return you can debrief them immediately with the aid of accurate plan vs actual data and route replays. Managers benefit too, with reports on plan vs actual discrepancies and overall performance KPIs.