Reduce route planning time to minutes

The Paragon route planning system is used to create optimised and cost effective routes in distribution operations across the globe. Our software has been proven to:

  • Cut transport costs
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce planning and order lead times
  • Cut carbon emissions and fuel costs

Paragon has been dedicated to developing routing and scheduling software for more than 30 years so you can be confident that we can help you manage your specific delivery challenges on day one. 

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Paragon_Blakemore2.jpgA.F. Blakemore cuts 1,000,000km from SPAR deliveries with Paragon

A.F. Blakemore, a family-owned food & drink retail, wholesale and distribution company implemented the Paragon dynamic routing and scheduling solution to manage its deliveries to 978 SPAR convenience strores across England and Wales.

Implementing the Paragon solution enabled A.F. Blakemore to reduce delivery miles by one million kilometres, make a 10% reduction in its fleet size and lower overall emissions. 

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Paragon Multi Stop Routing Solutions

Paragon provides three routing and scheduling solutions and a range of complementary modules to meet the specific requirements on your business.

single-depot.svg Single Depot

Join hundreds of customers all over the world using our Single Depot solution to plan vehicles based at one location in minutes.

multi-depot.svg Multi Depot

Simplify your planning operation by using our Multi Depot solution to plan all of your vehicles and depots in a single task.

integrated-fleets.svg Integrated Fleets

Optimise complex logistics operations and get more flexibility in vehicle movements with our most advanced solution, Integrated Fleets .

Paragon offers you the best features:

Our flexible and highly configurable routing software can be applied to a wide range of distribution operation types and transport plan configurations with functionality to handle:

  • Routes for vehicles that return to their base depot
  • Haulier ‘out only’ routes
  • Multi drop routes or single drop trips
  • Daily or weekly vehicle scheduling
  • Deliveries and collections
  • Multiple driver shifts
  • Order priority
  • Delivery time constraints
  • Vehicle access restrictions

Benefits of using Paragon routing software

The benefits can be substantial and can quickly accrue with many of our customers reporting a fast return on investment and significant cost savings within the first year of implementation. To date, our routing software has been proven to:

  • Cut transport costs
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce order lead times
  • Improve efficiency
  • Cut carbon emissions and fuel costs
  • Improve strategic decision making
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Reduce costly spot hires

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