Business Modelling

Our business modelling software solutions allow you to plan, review and enhance distribution plans quickly and efficiently.

By modelling parameters such as depot locations, delivery patterns, territory groups or vehicle fleet changes, you can look at the impact of making changes before you go to the expense of implementing them for real.

Our Fastnet tool is the perfect solution if you are looking to locate new depots as part of a business growth strategy, or reassign customers to existing depots to improve efficiency.  Allowing you to assess the cost implications and build a business case for each alternative distribution strategy using your own historic Paragon data for improved accuracy.  

Alternatively if you are tackling the problem of scheduling multi frequency deliveries efficiently over a given period our Multi Period Planner can help you devise delivery patterns that meet your customer’s requirements in minutes.

With business modelling you can...

  • Analyse impact of fleet changes
  • Identify the optimal location for a new depot
  • Plan for seasonal volume changes
  • Construct an accurate business quote
  • Model effects of customer time window changes
  • Calculate resource requirements for business growth

If you run a service based business or simply wish to improve customer service by giving the same delivery area to a particular driver, our Territory Optimiser module help you optimise pre-defined territories while ensuring workloads are optimised and fair.  

Paragon’s range of business modelling tools are being used by a wide variety of transport operators across a range of industry sectors in countries all around the world.  From leading 3PLs, such as DHL and Wincanton, to smaller operators, the Paragon modelling solutions are proving invaluable in helping operators make the best transport decisions for their businesses.

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