Dynamic Routing

Our dynamic routing solutions sit at the heart of distribution operations all around the world.

If you need to calculate truck routes regularly using live order volumes then we can help you streamline that process, cutting costs and improving efficiency in your transport operation.

These dynamic routing solutions can help to cut fuel costs, reduce excess mileage and help fully utilise your fleet for lower spot hire costs.  We give you all the tools, training and support you need to achieve your business goals with an excellent ROI.

With dynamic routing you can...

  • Plan multi-drop routes in seconds
  • Maximise your fleet utilisation
  • Delay order cut off with shorter route planning times
  • Manipulate finished routes and schedules with last minute changes
  • Assign balanced and legal workloads
  • Link to GPS tracking for a real-time view

Running on a Windows platform, the routing and scheduling optimisers that form our dynamic routing suite of products hold details of customer addresses, delivery quantities, time windows, vehicle sizes, driver shift details and other transport parameters.  Our routing software then calculates the most effective delivery and collection sequences to fulfil a day’s deliveries and calculates accurate journey times.  In addition it allocates loads to appropriate vehicles which all help to maximise productivity.

Even though our routing software provides you with a fully optimised route schedule in a matter of minutes, there may be occasions where you need to make changes – maybe a customer order volume has changed or delivery window has moved.  Our functionality-rich routing and scheduling systems give you the flexibility and control to amend delivery routes with last minute changes, filter and sort data, set and apply your own transport rules using your transport team’s local knowledge or write your own macros to cut tedious planning tasks down to a click of a button!

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