Operational Management

Our operational management solutions help users to plan resource availability, monitor vehicles movements against the plan, and maintain optimised fixed route networks.

Paragon’s operational management tools have evolved with the technological advances of recent years.  Pulling data from all the different teams within your operation to give you a holistic view of your transport operation for better planning and decision making.  Use our resource management software module to schedule drivers, tractors and trailers in the most efficient way according to skillset, working time or customer requirements, while smoothing workloads across your fleet.

With operational management you can...

  • Update customers with accurate ETAs
  • Build realistic routes using historic data
  • Manage driver and vehicle availability
  • Ensure driver workloads comply with WTD
  • Plan distribution schedules that match driver shifts
  • View real-time transport plans in action

To reflect the growing popularity of vehicle tracking we have enhanced our core route optimisation algorithm so that it can allow you to monitor real time vehicle movements against your Paragon transport plan.  This has huge benefits in terms of proactive customer service management because if you are forewarned of any potential delay it’s much easier to do something about it!  Not only that, but our software helps you to refine your planning processes, making your routes and schedules more realistic and less prone to delay.

If you don’t plan new routes every day but have set delivery locations, you could benefit from our fixed route planning solutions which are helping a wide variety of transport operators to manage and optimise their fixed route networks, changing routes based on order volume fluctuations and accommodating changes to their customer profiles in the most transport efficient way.

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