Today, consumer demand for fresh food, on demand, has spawned a new set of distribution requirements: more frequent deliveries, unforgiving ETA precision, and margin-squeezing efficiency.

For food manufacturers and distributors, it’s no longer just about the food. Competitive leverage is gained or lost based on how efficiently you get that food to market.

While most large food distribution operations are already using advanced route optimization software to keep operations lean, small and mid-sized businesses need to feast on this cost-effective technology in order to stay competitive.

Our latest eBook is entitled Faster Food: Why Your Delivery Fleet Will Determine Whether Your Food Distribution Business Thrives or Dies. In it we examine some of the most vexing business challenges in food distribution and dig into a number of real-world case studies that should give helpful tips. Most importantly, we show how a smarter, more automated approach to delivery operations can help your business meet rising customer expectations and operate more efficiently.

Critical topics addressed in the eBook include:

  • Meeting demand for frequent, precisely timed deliveries
  • Providing live updates on shipment status and ETAs
  • Smoothly handling unanticipated spikes
  • Reducing fleet operating costs
  • Ensuring cost-saving route plans are being followed
  • Continuously improving and innovating fleet operations
  • Growing profitably

To survive and thrive in the margin-thin food distribution industry, your business needs to operate at peak efficiency – all the time. You simply can’t afford to do less. Routing software drives value far beyond the truck, helping you to maintain product quality, scale the business and increase margins – the very things that determine your ability to compete.

Download this eBook to find out more.

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