Transform Delivery Operations with Paragon Live

Route planning software is the first step to creating robust transport plans that reduce costs. The next step is improving actual route execution using data automatically gathered daily from your live operation.

Paragon has created a set of modules called Paragon Live to help you achieve this.

Paragon Software Systems' Live Planning on Paragon Workbench
Paragon Software Systems' Live Planning software on Paragon Workbench

How can Paragon Live improve my transport operation?

Paragon Live consists of 4 modules. The first Paragon Live module – Aptean Live Planning Toolkit – interfaces with your telematics software to allow you to compare planned versus actual journeys. Real-world data is collated and can be automatically fed back into your planning process, allowing continuous analysis and improvement. For example, you can develop plans using the actual unloading times at specific customer locations. Some call this machine learning or artificial intelligence, but to us it’s just transport planning in the real world.

Benefits of Paragon Live include

The combination of your Paragon plan and your tracking data allows you to collect a wide range of data and then report against many different performance indicators. Sharing that information with your colleagues in other parts of your organization couldn’t be easier. Using a second Paragon Live module called Live Management, they can view the data in Crystal Reports or web pages, receive weekly updates by email or view a screen with live KPI reporting 24/7. Your colleagues can access all of the information relevant to their roles without logging in to your Paragon routing and scheduling software to do this.

How to get Paragon Live


Choose your route optimization software

The first step is to choose the Paragon route optimization software that’s right for your transport operation.

Explore our route optimization software modules

The next step is to integrate Aptean Live Planning Toolkit with your preferred vehicle tracking system. If you use multiple systems then we can do that too.

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Boost your capabilities

Once you’re up and running with Aptean Live Planning Toolkit, then you might want to add other Paragon Live modules to improve your operation even further.