Improve your strategic transportation planning capabilities

Armed with our routing and scheduling software, you can carry out a great deal of scenario modeling. What happens if I use bigger trucks? What’s the impact of offering customers later cut-off windows? What if I change my drivers’ shift patterns?

With our high-level Business Modeling tools, you can go one step further and take a look at the impact of radically different distribution scenarios on your operation. Use these strategic transportation planning tools to answer questions such as

  • How many distribution centers should we have?
  • Where should we locate depots to reduce cost to serve?
  • What are the most efficient sales territories or service regions?
  • How can I create balanced workloads that maximize use of our drivers or engineers?

Problems solved

  • Model new ways of working using actual data
  • Understand impact of changes on costs and customer service
  • Objectively evaluate alternative distribution network models
  • Better balance workloads over given periods
  • Improve the efficiency of your distribution operation
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