Transform operations with proof of delivery software

If you’re about proof of delivery software for your business then you already see the value of cutting out delivery notes. Today’s proof of delivery (ePOD) technology has evolved from simple ‘sign on glass’ functionality and now provides advanced tools to replace paperwork and manage the complexity of modern distribution operations. You are able to improve the customer experience, while also streamlining internal processes to improve operational efficiency.

With the ability to capture many types of data, advanced proof of delivery software can be tailored to meet the operational requirements of a range of industries. This configurability allows you to create consistent processes across your operation to improve customer service, optimize the productivity of your workforce and reduce operating costs.

Whether your mobile workers are delivering goods or providing on-site services to consumers or businesses, electronic proof of delivery software is a must-have technology to manage the complexity of your last-mile operation.

Problems solved

  • Remove delivery paperwork
  • Streamline operational efficiency
  • Receive real-time visibility of all mobile activity
  • Enhance customer communication and on-site service
  • Collect proof of delivery data, including signature
  • Capture operational data, such as vehicle checklists
  • Collate data for reporting and continuous improvement
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Streamline your operation with Aptean Proof of Delivery

As customer demands continue to evolve and as businesses search for ways to reduce operating costs, there has never been a better time to implement proof of delivery software. With a range of flexible features, a straightforward implementation process and benefits available from day one, Aptean Proof of Delivery can help you differentiate your service offering, while controlling your delivery costs.

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