Centralize route planning for multi-site operations

Whether you are delivering products or scheduling services, multiple sites make routing optimization more of a challenge. Paragon Multi Depot retains all the features of our Single Depot route optimization software but also lets you manage route planning for multiple sites in a single task. This reduces planning time, and maximizes use of vehicles and drivers across the business.

Centralize control

Gain visibility to your distributed fleet to ensure routing optimization.

Easily configure software

Your Paragon consultant can adjust software settings to match the way you work.

Proactively model strategic changes

Continuously optimize fleet efficiency by modeling “what if” scenarios.

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Problems solved

  • Optimize use of operation-wide resources to maximize efficiency
  • Centralize planning and reduce planning time
  • Increase visibility of your transport operation
  • Cut miles and transport costs
  • Decrease overtime and spot-hire costs
  • Provide more accurate arrival times to your customers
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