Improve your live daily planning with real-time data

Cost-efficient truck routing plans can be impossible to enforce once the driver leaves the distribution center. Without real-time vehicle tracking, who’s to know if your drivers are following the planned route or if unforeseen circumstances, such as heavy traffic, are causing your plan to unravel? Aptean Live Planning Toolkit integrates route planning with your live operations.

Create more efficient route plans

Examine historical data such as time-per-drop by customer and adjust plan assumptions based on this actual data.

Keep customers in the loop

Alert them immediately to ETA changes and allow them to adjust their own plans.  No surprises.

Maximize driver and vehicle utilization

Feed actual driver hours worked into the software, where you can combine that data with each driver’s specific shift times and skills.

Problems solved

  • Link route planning to vehicle tracking
  • Respond efficiently to problems or delays as they arise
  • Review daily performance based on accurate information
  • Improve customer service
  • Use actual data to continuously improve your route plans
  • Further cut transport costs
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