Choosing vehicle routing software is not just about checking off boxes on a “required functionality” list. Your company’s routing challenges are unique. The key to rapid and significant ROI is having people you can work with to set up the software to meet the specific needs of your transportation operation. That’s a job for smart support consultants. And that’s where Paragon shines.

Our support team has experience across 4,700 system implementations. They bring that knowledge and perspective to your project and work with you, hand in hand, to achieve the stated business objectives.

Check out the following five-step approach to implementation success.


Solution design

We take the time to understand your current operation, project requirements and future objectives before recommending a vehicle routing software solution to meet your business needs, based on our configurable software modules.

The Paragon team spent a lot of time understanding our business. They were the most responsive, professional people we met with and were clearly committed to delivering the best solution for both our business and customers.
John Valente, Owner, Marigolds & Onions Read their story

Our dedicated team of consultants supports you throughout our tried and tested implementation process. We work closely with your IT resources to make sure go-live is a positive experience for your teams and your customers.

It was Paragon's approach of promising that the software would work with our existing systems and then delivering on those promises that makes this an outstanding solution. Paragon puts customers first and this is very important to our organization.
Jeff Overstreet, Director of Transportation, George's, Inc. Read their story

Project management and implementation


Training and ongoing support

Whether it is one-on-one or group training sessions, we will ensure your teams are comfortable using Paragon vehicle routing software so that adoption is quick and ROI is realized as soon as possible. Learn more about the importance of training in our eBook: “Truck Routing Software: Power Users Share Lessons Learned.”


Following implementation, you will have access to ongoing support, including a dedicated support consultant and our hotline service. In addition, your own client portal provides easy access to a wealth of knowledge to help you maximize the value of Paragon routing software.

Our team of in-house developers, mapping technicians and testers have expertise in every element of logistics design. With over 700 man-years of experience between them, our support consultants and hotline specialists are responsible for the implementation and ongoing success of 4,700 truck routing systems in more than 60 countries around the world.

Our Paragon Support Consultant is reliable, responsive, and really knows the tool. To me, your vendors are as important as your customers, so a good relationship is very valuable.
Kyle Ivany, Director of Information Technology, V&V Supremo Read their story

Experience and people


Software development and R&D

By re-investing one third of our yearly revenue back into product development each year, we are able to provide new functionality to help our customers reduce costs and improve service levels. As part of annual maintenance, customers receive regular updates, so you’ll always have access to the latest features, whichever Paragon software you are using.