Treat all your vehicles as one shared fleet

If you are responsible for planning complex operations involving multiple sites and tens or hundreds of vehicles, then Paragon Integrated Fleets could be the fleet routing software for you. This routing solution, our most advanced, allows you to manage fleets that carry out work between multiple locations, making the best use of available trucks and drivers.

Centralize planning

Treat vehicles at multiple sites as a single, integrated transportation resource.

Reduce empty miles

Assign pick-ups and deliveries to the best-positioned vehicle and driver.

Create one plan for multiple DCs

This creates more cost-effective results with greater fleet routing efficiency.

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Problems solved

  • Manage collections and deliveries in a single plan
  • Generate routes with efficient backloads
  • Maximize use of all of your vehicles and drivers
  • Reduce empty miles
  • Combine primary and secondary distribution
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