Maximize efficiency and exceed customer expectations

Last-mile fulfilment is the new competitive battleground for many retailers. Whether you deliver furniture or pharmaceutical products, customers expect a choice of delivery windows and regular status updates  – from booking to final delivery.

Your challenge: meeting these expectations at a cost that makes sense for your business.

Paragon’s last-mile delivery software can help

Our last-mile delivery software, Paragon HDX, lets your customers choose their delivery times, but only from options that are achievable and cost-effective for your delivery fleet. The software underpins the home delivery service offered by many leading retailers, including the Argos same-day delivery service, and the award-winning customer experience offered by Dreams.

Paragon’s HDX last-mile delivery software helps you:

Increase customer satisfaction. Deliver on time and keep customers informed every step of the way.
Simplify operations. Use one system to manage the entire last-mile delivery process, from order capture through to delivery and post-delivery requirements.
Reduce planning time. Benefit from powerful algorithms that continuously optimize routes as new orders are added.

Problems solved

  • Gain competitive advantage by offering customers more choice
  • Reduce delivery failures by giving the customer control over the date and time of their delivery
  • Deliver more with your fleet by continuing to accept orders until all routes are fully utilized
  • Automate customer communications
  • Confidently offer a choice of convenient delivery windows
  • Confidently align your delivery capablities with your delivery proposition

Paragon HDX: modular last-mile fulfillment solution

Employing all of the Paragon HDX modules will allow you to manage the customer journey from point of sale all the way through to day of delivery, with modules that will streamline your customer communications, track consignments or seamlessly interface with couriers.

Alternatively, you can integrate only Paragon HDX Core with your current systems and still benefit from a more cost-efficient last-mile delivery operation. Our modular platform lets you add a wide range of specialized functions, if and when you need them.

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