Ensure drivers follow the most efficient, compliant route

Your dispatch office can print out a route manifest for the driver, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be ignored in favor of a driver’s preferred route, or the GPS-recommended route. Paragon Waypoint Mapping feeds the route plan into the in-cab GPS, guiding the driver turn-by-turn and ensuring that the actual route follows the plan.

Integrate route with in-cab technology

This makes it easier for drivers to follow the most optimal route.

Enhance driver accountability

During post-route driver debriefs, use actual data on the just-driven route to discuss deviations from plan.

Reduce delivery time and miles

Waypoint Mapping ensures that all drivers follow the most efficient route, which can reduce fleet operating costs 10–30 percent.

Problems solved

  • Reduce the amount of slack required in your transport plan
  • Feed the Paragon plan direct into your GPS devices
  • Provide drivers with full visibility of the optimized route
  • Guide drivers turn by turn through every decision waypoint
  • Ensure actual journeys more closely follow the planned route
  • Ensure risk assessed routes are followed
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