Confidently offer achievable delivery windows

Paragon HDX Core is the intelligent routing and scheduling engine behind our Paragon HDX. It integrates with your existing business systems to offer customers a choice of accurate home delivery slots at the point of order.

As each order is placed, Paragon HDX Core continuously optimizes the routes and schedules for up to a year in advance. This ensures that your customers or service agents always select time windows that are both achievable and cost-effective.

Improve first-time delivery success

SMS or email notices can be sent to customers to make sure they are available to take delivery during that time window.

Empower your customers

Let them choose delivery times from a set of achievable options that you serve up.

Lower fleet operating costs

HDX Core leverages powerful algorithms to organize hundreds or thousands of deliveries into achievable route plans that maximize the efficiency of your delivery operation

Problems solved

  • Confidently offer achievable time windows at the point of sale
  • Increase first time delivery success rates
  • Automate customer communication
  • Cut fuel costs with more efficient routing
  • Increase drops per vehicle
  • Reduce planning time
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Paragon HDX software modules

Paragon HDX Core may provide all of the service enhancements you need. To further augment your home delivery software solution, Paragon offers add-on modules that help streamline your customer communications, track consignments or seamlessly interface with couriers.