Calculate the best depot locations for your customers

Paragon Fastnet helps you determine the optimal number and location of depots and outbases to satisfy customer delivery requirements at the lowest cost. Calculations are based on your own data. The Fastnet distribution network optimization tool lets you objectively evaluate alternate depot and outbase locations, leading to better informed business decisions.

Build a case for change

Provide the analysis and cost details required to secure approval for a major change in your distribution network.

Examine alternate scenarios

Paragon Fastnet network optimization can quickly model a range of options, from a single to a multi-warehouse distribution network

Inform 3PL proposals

Logistics providers can use Paragon’s tool to identify the best distribution locations for clients, and the attendant costs.

Problems solved

  • Model the impact of change before you invest
  • Cut fuel and transport costs
  • Be more proactive in evaluating change
  • Make informed business decisions based on actual data
  • Reduce cost to serve
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