It’s a simple equation – fewer miles add up to less fuel use, cutting operating costs and making your company more environmentally friendly.

Paragon’s advanced truck routing and scheduling software solutions help companies make the best use of their fleets. As a result of better route planning, fuel use is optimized. Here’s how it works:

The highly configurable Paragon software uses an advanced algorithm designed specifically for optimizing road-based transportation operations and digital mapping to calculate the most cost effective delivery schedules. Optimized routes improve utilization and simultaneously minimize mileage, lowering fuel costs.

George’s Inc., a Virginia-based operation that serves over 250 fast food restaurants in the northeastern US, supplying fresh and frozen chicken products, is saving $31,000 a year on fuel costs with Paragon’s software. The savings result from a five percent reduction in mileage made possible by the transportation optimization system.

“Paragon’s transportation optimization software has delivered a major boost to our operation. Our efficiencies and savings demonstrate that our investment in the system has more than paid for itself. Furthermore, the money and time we save using the system far outweighs the cost of the license fee,” said Jeff Overstreet, Logistics Director at George’s.

Hagopian Cleaning Services, a Detroit area-based specialized cleaner and restorer of carpet, upholstery and fabric panels, credits Paragon software with generating annual fuel cost reductions of about $7,500 for its fleet of 27 vans.

The Paragon software optimizes routing and scheduling for the cleaning and restoration business, including vehicle mileage savings of up to ten percent a year through accurate, fully optimized routing.

“We cover 3,600 square miles of the Detroit Metro region, serving around 40,000 homes a year. The software makes light work of calculating efficient routes, allowing later planning and therefore enabling us to be more reactive to customers’ needs. The investment in the software is helping us to perform what we term The Miracle Every Day so that we are able to deliver on our promises consistently,” said Ken Snow President, Hagopian Cleaning Services.

Rising fuel costs are one the biggest ongoing challenges facing today’s transportation operators. Fuel prices continue to increase and remain unpredictable. With Paragon software, however, an increasing number of companies are better able to manage this costly aspect of doing business.

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