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The Hidden Benefits of Route Optimization Software

The benefits of route optimization software for businesses that operate delivery fleets are typically viewed solely in the context of fleet efficiency — running fewer miles, using less fuel, controlling costs for trucks and drivers.

But those benefits actually extend well beyond the transportation function into sales, marketing and customer service. They can even help to inform a distribution business’s overall strategy.

The typical ROI on routing software, looking through the transportation lens alone, is a lightning-fast 3-12 months. The case for investing in software-aided route planning and scheduling is even more compelling when you consider the wider benefits of the software across the business.

We put together the infographic below to call out some of the important — but less obvious — benefits of route optimization software.

route optimization

It’s a mistake to focus solely on fleet efficiency benefits when making the case to invest in automation of the delivery route planning process. The right route optimization software has positive impacts across the organization, helping to increase sales, improve compliance, reduce your carbon footprint and enhance the customer experience. It’s these hidden benefits that underscore the truly foundational role of product delivery to a distribution business.

Want to learn more about the comprehensive benefits of routing software? Arrange a discussion with one of our routing experts, or to see how much your business could save try our ROI calculator.

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