Calibrate truck road speeds more quickly

Calculating how long it takes your vehicles to travel between A and B can be a time consuming process. If you are using telematics this will remove some of the manual elements but the task of calibrating your road speeds will take time. You can remove this manual task by using Paragon’s Average Road Speed Data from day one.

Cut out the slack

There is no excuse for building in an extra 10 minutes at customer location A, or pick up point B if you are using Average Road Speed Data from the start.

Reduce set up time

Save your planners the task of manually setting up road speeds by using real world vehicle road speed data.

Give drivers confidence in your plan from day one

When delivery route plans are accurate, drivers finish on time and gain more confidence in the plan.

Problems solved

  • Consistently produce accurate journey times
  • Maximize truck and driver utilization
  • Produce more realistic and achievable routes
  • Improve customer service experience
  • Use real-world data to improve routes
  • Improve driver morale with achievable schedules
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