George’s Chicken, the fully integrated poultry company headquartered in Springdale, Arkansas, is now benefitting from additional routing software purchased from Paragon Software Systems, Inc., a leader in vehicle routing and scheduling optimization solutions. George’s, Inc. now uses the system operationally across several sites for planning with live order volumes.

“We chose Paragon Software because of its flexibility which makes it easier to integrate with our home-grown office systems and allows us to automate the transportation planning process,” said Jeff Overstreet, Director of Transportation, George’s, Inc. “As we sell fresh poultry products that must sell out every day, we have been able to customize the Paragon system so that we can put loads of chicken up for auction on a spot sale, allowing us to sell all the chickens for that day and to maximize truck payloads.”

Future usage planned for the Paragon software is to create management reports that will help George’s with carrier performance management. “We use a variety of outsourced carriers in our Western Division and want to be able to rate their on-time performance and better understand costs. With Paragon’s Management Reporting capabilities, we will be able to select the best performing carriers to meet our customers’ needs,” added Jeff Overstreet.

Paragon provides software for planning, optimizing and managing transportation schedules on a daily basis; rationalizing fixed routes; and managing transportation resources. As well as cutting transportation costs and improving operational efficiency by up to 20%, Paragon software also enables companies to shorten order lead times, generate more consistent transportation schedules, reduce total distance travelled and fuel used, save carrier costs, smooth warehouse workloads for greater efficiency, provide a streamlined transportation office, and raise customer service performance.

George's Chicken adopts Paragon's routing and scheduling software operationally across several sites