Hagopian Cleaning Services is making substantial operational savings thanks to fleet management software from Paragon Software Systems, Inc. The software optimizes routing and scheduling for the cleaning and restoration business and so far has provided a cumulative saving to date of $250,000 in salary and benefits as well as an annual fuel cost reduction in the region of $7,500 for its fleet of 27 vans.

The return on investment has been so rapid it has outstripped the repayments for financing the software. “Paragon’s logistics software has provided savings from day one of going live. We immediately saved money on our wage bill by redeploying our planner elsewhere within the business. Then came the vehicle miles savings through accurate, fully optimized routing. This reduces our fleet mileage by up to 10 per cent a year. Furthermore, because we financed the software via our bank we are actually saving more through using the system than we are actually repaying,” says Ken Snow, President, Hagopian Cleaning Services.

With Paragon, the company can quickly and accurately forward plan and manage 200 work orders a day, producing efficient daily routes for each van and team.

“We cover 3,600 square miles of the Detroit Metro region, serving around 40,000 homes a year. The software makes light work of calculating efficient routes, allowing later planning and therefore enabling us to be more reactive to customers’ needs. The investment in the software is helping us to perform what we term The Miracle Every Day so that we are able to deliver on our promises consistently,” says Ken Snow.

Following lengthy research of routing systems, Hagopian selected Paragon because of its flexibility, ease of use and knowledgeable support and service.

“We looked at several systems and chose Paragon because it offered greater flexibility and would provide seamless integration with our Microsoft Dynamics NAV order entry system. It is very easy to use and due to its intuitiveness we can quickly train new users. The level of support we receive from Paragon is also excellent,” says Ken Snow.

Hagopian is a 70-year old family-owned business with over 1,000,000 satisfied customers. The company is recognized as the second largest specialist cleaner and restorer of carpet, upholstery and fabric panels within the USA. The company’s innovative processes, systems and procedures have helped set standards locally and nationally. The company’s famous purple trucks, known all over Michigan, are equipped with the industry’s most advanced equipment and cleaning solutions.