Time-sensitive on-time deliveries improved by 12% & revenues grow 9%

Paragon announces that Frozen Food Express (FFE) has deployed Paragon’s route optimization software to maximize transportation efficiencies within their line haul operation. FFE, one of the largest temperature-controlled LTL operators in the US, is using Paragon’s Integrated Fleets and Street Level Mapping solutions to transform its transportation planning process, providing increased visibility of truck movements between service centers, lowering transportation costs and improving on-time deliveries by 12 percent.

“Implementing Paragon Integrated Fleets has given us unprecedented visibility into our line haul operation,” said Nick Cook, Vice President, Operations, FFE Transportation Services, Inc. “In the first 6 months, we have seen an improvement of 12 percent in our on-time delivery and reduced our weekly brokered loads by 90 percent resulting in increased customer satisfaction and bottom line improvements.”

FFE is a nationwide carrier with fourteen terminals across the USA. With a fleet of 200 line haul trucks it picks up food products from manufacturers, bringing them back to the service centers where goods are cross-docked and then delivered to retailers in FFE’s local fleet of 700 delivery trucks. Paragon’s Integrated Fleets software has allowed the transportation team to automate the entire planning process but also more accurately predict arrival times. This has resulted in the improvement in on-time deliveries at customer sites and a better service experience for all of its customers.

The increased visibility of its transportation operation provided by Paragon’s route optimization software has also allowed the LTL temperature-controlled carrier to reduce their pickup and delivery truck fleet by 10 percent. In addition centralizing the planning function has allowed FFE to free up local staff to focus on operating the service centers instead of being under pressure to find time to manually plan deliveries.

“Knowing where trucks are and who is available to deliver those loads has greatly added to the efficiency of our transportation operation,” adds Walter Martz, Senior Analyst, FFE Transportation Services, Inc. “In the past we had to subcontract to other carriers to haul our loads because we didn’t have enough trucks available. Paragon has helped us eliminate this expense while also removing the penalty fees for not meeting promised delivery windows. Together that is a saving of up to $400k each month.”

Paragon Integrated Fleets is an advanced routing software module that simplifies the process of managing complex transportation operations into a single planning exercise. Transportation planners responsible for operations that include deliveries and collections from multiple sites and large fleets distributed across multiple DCs can benefit from a centralized planning approach that maximizes utilization of trucks and drivers, and reduces food miles. The addition of the Street Level Mapping software module allows transportation operators to further improve the accuracy of delivery routes and schedules.

“We have looked at a lot of different solutions over the years but we chose Paragon Integrated Fleets because it is the only route optimization software that could deliver what we were looking for. The flexibility of the Paragon routing and scheduling software combined with its ability to handle compartmentalized trucks, something critical to the success of the project, has allowed us to transform our transportation planning without changing our business processes,” adds Cook.

Following the success of implementing Paragon’s route optimization software in its line haul operation, FFE is now planning to roll out the software across its pickup and delivery operation.

“The ability to provide a consistent and reliable delivery service that customers can rely upon is essential in this highly competitive industry,” said William Salter, CEO, Paragon Software Systems. “Paragon Integrated Fleets is designed to help large transportation operators confidently deliver on their promises day after day. Frozen Food Express’ decision to choose Paragon has already resulted in an increase of 9 percent in year on year sales growth in addition to the operational savings they have achieved demonstrating the ROI that can be achieved with Paragon’s route optimization software.”

Paragon's route optimisation software transforms planning for FFE