Better communication and streamlined delivery processes improve customer service levels

Paragon announces that Brampton Brick, a world leader in brick and concrete stone manufacturing, has implemented the Paragon fleXipod proof of delivery software to drive operational efficiency and improve service levels for commercial customers across Canada. The fleXipod software will provide the company with order status visibility across its fleet of 40 commercial vehicles, enabling an enhanced customer experience through better communication and streamlined delivery processes.

“Brampton Brick wanted to streamline its delivery process to create a better experience for each of its customers,” said William Salter, CEO of Paragon Software Systems. “In a very short amount of time, Brampton Brick’s drivers and customer service team have been able to adopt our fleXipod proof of delivery software allowing the company to create a customized delivery experience without sacrificing operational efficiency to do so.”

“Continuously improving the customer experience is one of Brampton Brick’s core Quality Principles,” said Huy Cao, Senior Data Analyst at Brampton Brick Limited. “The fleXipod system is a perfect addition to our Paragon solution, helping us to enhance communication on the day of delivery, while also improving our operational processes. It has allowed us to both simplify processes for our staff and keep our customers happy.”

A key operational challenge for Brampton Brick was understanding exactly when and where a delivery has taken place, especially when at large customer sites that have multiple drop-off points and entrances. fleXipod will be used to capture images of the completed delivery along with exact location data, so the customer service team will be able to immediately contact the customer and relay this information, as well as provide an instant PDF delivery report.

Brampton Brick customers will now benefit from a far more convenient delivery process, which will improve the overall experience and reduce the number of calls into the service team. Electronically capturing and sharing real-time data from the field will also simplify and streamline existing administrative processes. In particular, drivers will no longer need to call into the office to provide confirmation of deliveries, reducing the time spent on manual data entry and freeing up service staff to respond to incoming inquiries.

Brampton Brick will utilize fleXipod in conjunction with their existing Paragon Multi Depot solution which they employ to reduce planning time and optimize the use of vehicles and drivers across all depots. This will enable the company to provide a better customer delivery experience while also streamlining its internal processes, from planning to execution. Both Paragon Multi Depot and fleXipod integrate with Brampton Brick’s in-house dispatch system providing office staff with visibility through the entire delivery lifecycle.

Brampton Brick implements fleXipod proof of delivery software to improve services levels