Ryder Canada has purchased Paragon’s Integrated Fleets and Multi Depot logistics planning software solutions with mapping capabilities for strategic planning throughout Canada and the USA.

One of the best-known names in North American distribution, Ryder Canada has over 40 years experience in providing cost-effective transportation and supply chain services for both small and large businesses involved in local, regional and national distribution. Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, and with a network of over 35 company-operated facilities and 40 maintenance locations across the country, Ryder Canada is well positioned to provide consistent, high-quality services to local, regional and national companies.

Ryder Canada needed a logistics planning software supplier that could offer the flexibility, and range of applications required to meet the diverse distribution needs of clients spanning a variety of industry sectors, while maintaining a consistent, high-quality service.

After initial discussions, tests took place using Paragon software to route and schedule real customer data. Won over by the quality of the test results, Paragon’s extensive range of logistics planning software options, flexibility, mapping capabilities and proven business benefits, Ryder Canada introduced the software to its strategic operation. Now used to model new distribution scenarios, calculate transportation resource requirements, cost alternative strategies and present solutions to prospective clients throughout North America, Paragon plays an integral role in winning new business, supporting the company’s growth plans and the re-planning of existing transportation operations spanning a range of industry sectors.

“We were very impressed by Paragon’s reputation within the logistics planning software market, the technology’s flexibility, range of options available and the team’s responsiveness.

Paragon has proved to be an excellent strategic tool, more than capable of handling both the scale, variety and intricacy of client operations.” John Firmino, International Solutions & Execution Standards Director, Ryder Integrated Logistics

Ryder Canada implements Paragon's Integrated Fleets and Multi Depot routing software to improve planning