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Six Ways Electronic Proof of Delivery Software Can Increase Operational Efficiency in Your Organization

Whether you are delivering goods or providing on-site services, implementing electronic proof of delivery software can streamline processes and maximize the efficiency of your company’s operations. It provides a straightforward, low-risk way of boosting operational efficiency, and its benefits are felt far beyond the transportation department.

Here are six ways electronic proof of delivery software can increase operational efficiency across your organization:

1. Speed up field processes

Using an electronic proof of delivery system, your drivers are guided step-by-step through protocols they need to follow out in the field. They are prompted by a series of user-friendly screens, ending any need to take long handwritten notes or remember complex procedures. These quicker and easier electronic processes can enable drivers to complete more jobs per day and reduce inaccuracies that would require time-consuming follow-up.

2. Cut inbound call volume

With electronic proof of delivery software, automated customer delivery notifications –such as arrival time updates via SMS, and delivery confirmation via email — reduce the need for customers to call your central service team. This increases the efficiency of your inbound customer query processes and can free up additional customer service resource.

3. Reduce the number of redeliveries

Many organizations require a customer to be present for successful delivery or in order to provide a service. Providing frequent and accurate updates to the customer can help cut the number of failures, reducing the associated costs and administrative burden. Real-time data transfer, including photographs and notes when appropriate, also allows for some delivery issues to be rectified while the driver is on-site, removing the need for a redelivery.

4. Remove delays in receiving data

Electronic proof of delivery software provides your office-based staff with real-time visibility of updates from the field. This means that they no longer need to wait for paper delivery notes to be returned and entered into your system manually. Instead, they can act immediately on incoming data to resolve issues, proactively manage customer service, reduce delays in invoicing and manage stock more efficiently.

5. Improve internal communication

With electronic proof of delivery software, all data collected in the field is transmitted between mobile and office-based teams in real-time, reducing the need for drivers to call into the office and optimizing internal communication processes. To further streamline internal processes, office-based staff are also able to send messages to individual drivers, selected driver groups, or all users. They can also attach detailed information to specific jobs within the system.

6. Provide data for analysis and continuous improvement

Electronic proof of delivery software provides access to a wealth of data for analysis, whether you wish to access it via dashboards within the solution or have raw data transmitted to your central systems. This data allows you to identify problems or opportunities to increase efficiency and rapidly adapt your processes for continuous improvement.

In our experience, every mobile workforce operation is different, so the range of improvements available will vary depending on your business. However, the one thing that is consistent is that electronic proof of delivery software can get up and running quickly, reducing your costs and streamlining your processes within just a few months. To find out how Paragon’s electronic proof of delivery system, fleXipod, can increase operational efficiency across your organization, get in touch with one of our experienced team members or download the fleXipod datasheet.

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