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Paragon Improves Brewery Distribution at Fuller’s

Fuller Smith & Turner (Fuller’s), one of the UK’s top independent family brewers and retailers with leading beer brands including London Pride, ESB and Discovery, has selected Route Execution from Paragon Software Systems (Paragon) to enhance customer service by improving the accuracy and responsiveness of its delivery planning process.

Fuller’s has already implemented Paragon’s route planning system for daily planning at its Chiswick and Horndean sites. “The next step is to achieve greater visibility and accuracy of work standards used in our planning process,” confirms Fuller’s operations director, Duncan Munro.

“By using Route Execution, already linked with our vehicle tracking system, we will be able to deliver better customer service by being better informed about progress against the plan throughout each day.”

“The brewery industry has its own unique and demanding planning challenges,” confirms Paragon marketing and business development director, Charles Nockold. “While Paragon’s planning optimization has the flexibility needed to generate efficient delivery schedules for companies like Fuller’s, Route Execution provides transportation management with an accurate and ongoing picture of transportation and service performance in real time.

“This enables customer service levels to be increased, as companies can respond quickly and efficiently to problems that inevitably arise, at the same time ensuring that delivery schedules are both legal and achievable.”

Quick facts:
  • Servicing 400 pubs, hotels and inns around the UK
  • Route planning for deliveries and collections
  • One-man and two-man delivery teams
  • 40 privately owned vehicles
  • 2 depots (Chiswick and Horndean)
  • UK's top independent family brewer and retailer
  • Brands include: London Pride, ESB and Discovery
Benefits reported:
  • Improved visibility and accuracy of work standards in the planning process
  • Improved customer service
  • Centralised depot planning and visibility
Fuller's implements Paragon's Route Execution to enhance customer service

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