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Paragon Supports DHL with Routing and Scheduling Software

DHL has been a user of Paragon’s routing and scheduling software since the late 1980’s and is now using more than 50 systems across its business development functions and operational contracts.

DHL’s long-term partnership with Paragon gives it access to the latest software developments enabling it to provide the best possible support for its customers. Combining DHL’s in-depth industry experience with Paragon’s detailed transportation modeling enables DHL to promise well-founded and innovative transportation solutions to its customers.

Having used Paragon’s strategic planning software to plan and optimize a new logistics operation, DHL also frequently implements Paragon’s operational software to optimize and manage the operation on a daily basis.

DHL’s use of logistics planning software

Read more about how DHL uses Paragon’s routing and scheduling software to plan and optimize distribution operations for their clients around the world on our International website:

Quick facts:
  • Global 3PL and distribution provider
  • Using Paragon since the late 1980's
  • Using Paragon for business development and operational contracts
  • Operating over 50 Paragon systems globally
DHL's long term partnership with Paragon software

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